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Milestone Continuing Education is every physical therapist’s source for an ultimate personalized continuing education experience in physical therapy.  We can say this with humbled confidence in that we owe much of our company growth and success to our PT audience.  In the beginning, Milestone CE only offered CE courses to physical therapy professionals.  It was the feedback and recommendations of this original audience which allowed us to grow to offer a wide selection of courses to multiple professions, as well as, having received national recognition as a CE Provider yet never forgetting where our roots are.

Beginning with a mere 11 courses, it was the positive response and course recommendations that has taken us to where we are today as a leading continuing education provider with over 760 hours to choose from.  You could say when it comes to course variety, we’ve got you covered.  Adamant to never become complacent, we still today rely heavily on our customer feedback to continue to improve our business practice and enhance our course listings.

Milestone CE’s commitment to our customers and mission as a company is to meet the needs of licensed professionals.  In doing so we strive to provide an innovative and affordable approach to premier continuing education courses, as well as, continuously seek to develop course work around current physical therapy research to provide each customer with the means necessary for professional growth and advancement.

The premise for continuing education offered by Milestone CE is found in the three key points displayed on our home page.  Continuing education should be affordable, it should be convenient and it should be presented in a way that offers the highest level of quality without sacrificing time away from daily life.  Our solution to not only meet these expectations but exceed them was to offer a medium for continuing education that allows our customers ultimate flexibility.  With thousands of satisfied customers we feel we are moving in the right direction.

Milestone CE recently replaced our original website with a much more advanced site allowing the ultimate personalized continuing education experience that we feel is of the utmost importance to our customers.  Once enrolled you can expect access through your customer account to all purchased online course files and online exam grading.  Our easy online exam center allows you to select your answers exactly how you’ve found them and receive immediate test results and future access to order history. Lastly, highly recommended by our existing customers isaccess to your complete CEU history with Milestone CE.  This simplifies tracking and reporting your CE’s and stores all course certificates in one place for years to come. 

As a company we have set an understood precedent among our office staff emphasizing the importance of providing outstanding customer service.  We believe our highest responsibility is to our customers who are interested, already enrolled in, or previously completed courses with Milestone CE.  In saying that, we guarantee that each customer receives prompt and courteous service.  We are available 7 days per week to assist your continuing education needs. 

We have found that as a CE Provider our duty to physical therapist is more than simply offering the highest level CE Courses and excellent customer service.  In addition, being experts ourselves in the governing board rules and regulations is essential.  Milestone CE has a dedicated staff of CE Specialist who constantly reviews these rules and regulations to ensure that our courses continue to meet the guidelines set forth by state boards.