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This course utilizes content from the textbook “Chair Massage” by Patricia M. Holland, MC, LMT and Sandra K. Anderson, BA, LMT, ABT, NCTMB ©2011, published by Elsevier.

Instructional Level: Beginner to Intermediate

This course offers a practical, visual guide to chair massage that will assist with the development of a routine as well as assist in the adaptation of different clients and situations. Topics including massage techniques, chair adjustment, body mechanics, and application of pressure, plus specific routines for the lower back, shoulders, neck/head, and arm/hand regions photographs clearly demonstrating each routine.

Designed with a review of anatomy and kinesiology that covers the specific information needed to make treatment decisions and perform routines.  Specific techniques for treating low-back pain, its causes, when to perform chair massage, and when it is contraindicated.  Additional coverage of traditional Chinese medicine points and channels, as well as, techniques and adaptations that covers body regions such as the iliotibial band, gastrocnemius, pectorals, anterior neck muscles and serratus anterior.  Module 1 includes an Essentials of Practice section that instructs each learner on how to translate their knowledge into revenue by addressing crucial topics such as target markets, job-related conditions, marketing methods, introductory letters, setting fees, preparing contracts, and getting paid.  To conclude the course Module 2 includes a Communication and Ethics section that addresses important topics such as the ethical presentation of self, boundaries, communicating with clients about feedback pre- and post-treatment interviews, and intake forms.

To better meet your professional needs, this fully illustrated text of 228 pages has been carefully broken down by sections into 2 modules.  Each module approved for 6 contact hours of post-graduate continuing education (NOTE: board approvals vary state to state, please check your states approval status in the state specific course catalog by returning to our home page and entering both your state and profession).

Each 6 contact hour module can be purchased individually or combined with one another to create a Course Bundle.  Each course is offered in two easy formats to again meet your professional needs.  You can choose to have immediate access to your course by selecting the online format (PDF download) or a hard copy of the material can be rushed to your home by selecting our mail format. 

Modules In Course

Module 1: Defining the Chair Massage, Essentials of Practice, and Body Mechanics

Included in Module 1:
Chapter 1:  What is Chair Massage?
Chapter 2:  Essentials of Practice
Chapter 3:  Basic Sequence
Module 2: Enhancing Treatment Sessions, Additional Techniques and Adaptations, Essentials of Business, Communications and Ethics

Included in Module 2:  Enhancing Treatment Sessions, Additional Techniques and Adaptations, Essentials of Business, Communications and Ethics
Chapter 4:  Enhancing Treatment Sessions
Chapter 5:  Additional Techniques and Adaptations
Chapter 6:  Essentials of Business
Chapter 7:  Communication and Ethics