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This course utilizes content from the textbook “Business and Professional Skills for Massage Therapists” by Sandy Fritz, MS, NCTMB© 2010, published by Elsevier.

Instructional Level: Beginner to Intermediate

With a user friendly approach and comprehensive support tools, this authoritative guide delivers a working knowledge of essential concepts for employees or owners of a massage therapy practice. Focusing on need-to-know business skills for complete success with expert outlook boxes that offer real-world insight and advice from experts in massage and business management for successful practice. 

This course is designed to be a resourceful tool to help understand and develop the business and professional skills necessary for a successful massage therapy practice.  Topics range from abstract ideas of intentions, intuition and inspiration to the concrete skills of how to file client records.  The content is progressive and future focused, beginning each section with defined key terms and learning objectives and concludes with learning exercises.

To better meet your professional needs, this fully illustrated text of 350 pages has been carefully broken down by sections into 5 modules.  Each module approved for 6 contact hours of post-graduate continuing education (NOTE: board approvals vary state to state, please check your states approval status in the state specific course catalog by returning to our home page and entering both your state and profession).

Each 6 contact hour module can be purchased individually or combined with one or all of the other modules from this course to create a course bundle.  Each course is offered in two easy formats to again meet your professional needs.  You can choose to have immediate access to your course by selecting the online format (PDF download) or a hard copy of the material can be rushed to your home by selecting our mail format. 

Modules In Course

Module 1: The Business of Massage Therapy, Being a Professional, Focus on the Client, Legal and Ethical Issues

Included in Module 1:
Chapter 1:  The Business of Massage Therapy
Chapter 2:  Being a Professional
Chapter 3:  Focus on the Client
Chapter 4:  Legal and Ethical Issues in the Massage Professional Practice
Module 2: Technology in the Massage Practice, Business Office Design, Documentation, and Storage of Business Records

Included in Module 2: 
Chapter 5:  Technology in the Massage Practice
Chapter 6:  Massage Therapy Business Office Design
Chapter 7:  Documentation
Chapter 8:  Storage of Business Records
Module 3: Written Communication,Telecommunications, Appointment Management Systems, and Marketing

Included in Module 3: 
Chapter 9:  Written Communication
Chapter 10:  Telecommunications
Chapter 11:  Appointment Management Systems
Chapter 12:  Marketing the Massage Therapy Business
Module 4: Inventory Systems and Supply Ordering, Insurance Reimbursement, Accounting Concepts, and Managing Money

Included in Module 4: 
Chapter 13:  Inventory Systems and Supply Ordering
Chapter 14:  Insurance Reimbursement for Massage Therapy Services
Chapter 15:  Accounting Concepts
Chapter 16:  Managing Money
Module 5: Maintaining a Safe Work Environment, Planning and Managing Your Career Path

Included in Module 5: 

Chapter 17:  Maintaining a Safe Work Environment
Chapter 18:  Planning and Managing Your Career Path