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This course utilizes content from the textbook “Deep Tissue Massage Treatment” by Jeffrey A. Simancek, BS, NCMT © 2013, published by Elsevier.

Instructional Level: Beginner to Intermediate

This course features an easy-to-use format that provides basic theory and assessment of common muscular neuromuscular conditions, followed by an extensive overview of techniques specific to deep tissue massage – including trigger point therapy, friction techniques, myofascial techniques, and stretching. 

This text presents a review of the forces a therapist applies to the body, assessment approaches and a brief history on other modalities which are used to create a superior massage session for both the therapist and the client. Throughout the text you can expect step-by-step treatment routines for the 22 most commonly encountered neuromuscular and muscular conditions that are clearly outlined using detailed descriptions and illustrations side by side.  This text also comes with the Elsevier Evolve site as an ancillary at that includes an image collection.

To better meet your professional needs, this fully illustrated text of 175 pages has been carefully broken down by sections into 2 modules. (NOTE: board approvals vary state to state, please check your states approval status in the state specific course catalog by returning to our home page and entering both your state and profession).

Each course is offered in two easy formats to again meet your professional needs.  You can choose to have immediate access to your course by selecting the online format (PDF download) or a hard copy of the material can be rushed to your home by selecting our mail format.

Modules In Course

Module 1: Assessment, Common Approaches, Tools and Techniques, and Head and Neck

Included in Module 1: Assessment, Common Approaches, Tools and Techniques, and Head and Neck
Chapter 1:  Theory
Chapter 2:  Assessment
Chapter 3:  Common Approaches
Chapter 4:  Tools and Techniques
Chapter 5: Head and Neck
Module 2: The Extremities, Back, and Abdominals

Included in Module 2:  The Extremities, Back, and Abdominals
Chapter 6:  Shoulder
Chapter 7:  Arm and Hand
Chapter 8:  Back and Abdominals
Chapter 9:  Hips and Thighs
Chapter 10:  The Leg